Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose






Minimalist Guide to Losing Weight
By Ray Vance

Eat Less.

Exercise More.

Written 12/21/2002, 9:55pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Wealth
By Ray Vance

Earn More.

Spend Less.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:01pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Investing
By Ray Vance

Buy Low.

Sell High.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:02pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Parenting
By Ray Vance

Spend More Time.

Spend Less Money.

Guide More.

Control Less.

Set Free.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:05pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Positive Thinking
By Ray Vance

Think Positive Thoughts More.

Think Negative Thoughts Less.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:06pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Travel
By Ray Vance

See More.

Hear More.

Talk Less.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:07pm PDT



Minimalist Guide to Marriage
By Ray Vance

Spend More Time.

Talk More.

Love More.

Control Less.

Written 12/22/2002, 3:15pm PDT